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What an amazing evening!

I had the pleasure of meeting Tom, Mary, Nic, Jillian & Simone and showing them the volcano at night. Not only did we have wonderful weather all day long and a great dinner experience, but our summit viewing after dark was out of this world. (Quite literally)
The lava lake had risen within eyesight from Jaggar Museum and there was ample spattering. However, having been so focused on the glow, it took us a few minutes to realize what else was available for viewing.
As we looked south, the Southern Cross was visible just above the horizon. (Hawaii is the only state in the U.S. where you can see that). We then notice Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter were also visible AND using our binoculars we could just make out Saturn’s rings and Jupiters moons.
We were just commenting what a spectacular night it was when the Hubble Space Telescope graced us with a pass from the west.
What a night!
Mahalo again Tom, Mary, Nic, Jillian & Simone for your marvelous enthusiasm and thirst for exploration. I hope you return to the islands soon and until then, have an incredible journey.


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