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It was an exciting first day back to Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park and we were greeted with warm smiles, perfect weather and LOTS of visitors. Parking was a challenge, but everyone was excited to finally be back. I was amazed to see what changes have occurred here in such a short period. Although a lot of the park is not open yet, there is still great views of the “New Halema’uma’u” and all the evidence of thousands of earthquakes that have occurred over the last 4 months. Mahalo to my visitors from Australia who signed up to spend the day exploring. I couldn’t have asked or a better bunch to share the day with.

Please keep in mind if you’re planning on visiting to see these amazing sites yourself, you need to be patient and DRIVE SLOWLY! This can’t be emphasized enough. While we were away the Nene have become accustomed to having the park to themselves and are wandering the roads. You never know where they will be so PLEASE drive carefully and with Aloha.

Safe travels and have fun!