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May 05th, 2017

Amazing views of lava spatter!

Over the past nine years since the March 19, 2008 eruption inside Halema’uma’u crater, there of been very few views of the Lava (Pele) itself. The most dramatic views have come within the last couple of years. After the overflow of the Overlook two years ago, it seems the lava lake surface has been hovering within about 200′ of the craters edge and because of D/I tilt (inflation & deflationary tilt) we’ve been getting some amazing peek-a-boo looks at the surface and witnessing some amazing spatter and, on occasion, even partial wall collapses.
Since the closest we can get to the lake is about 1 mile, I’ve been using my spotting scope to capture images and video using my iPhone. I’ll share these as often as I can on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. In the video below, along with lava, you can see a White Tailed Tropic Bird (Koa’e kea) doing a fly-by. These birds are native to Hawaii and nest in the cliff walls and feed out at sea. Just another amazing aspect of Hawaii.
I love questions and invite anyone who has one to write in.
Mahalo for reading and I hope to see you on the island soon.

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