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Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Celebrates 100 Years Of Stewardship

Kilauea eruption from Keanakeko'i

Aloha everyone.
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, to some of us our home away from home, is celebrating 100 years of stewardship this year. It was the 15th national park and predated both the establishment of the National Park Service itself (August 25, 1916) and Hawaiian statehood (August 21, 1959).
Last night while visiting with guests from Denmark and seeing this beautiful area through their eyes, I realized again, as I have many times, how important this park is for me personally and professionally as well as for all of us who live here on island and those who don’t.
National Parks everywhere deserve an enormous thank you from all of us for their tireless efforts in preserving the valuable resources they offer. Preservation is not just through science, but also the incredible and heartfelt efforts of the front line interpreters who, with their moving and passionate descriptions of these resources, bring the parks to life and connect them to the public in away that inspires a deep sense of stewardship and caring. These passionate men and women spend a large amount of time immersing themselves in every nuance of the park so they can share with visitors the splendor that is found within it’s sprawling boundaries.
I hope you will take time this year to visit as many National Parks as you can. Not just this year, but every year to come. These spectacular places belong to all of us and require our funds to keep them alive and well. So the next time you’re at HVNP, Pu’uhonua, Koloko-Honokohau or any National, State or County park, think about making a donation or purchase something in the gift shops. The money is going to good cause and you just might walk away with something far more valuable than what you paid for.

Mahalo nui loa and I’ll see you at the park.

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