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Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park To Reopen Next Month!

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Kilauea Update For May 17, 2018

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Lava Falls at 61G Flow

Yesterday, I got to take George, Deirdre, Kate, & John on a Custom/Private Volcano Adventure. We couldn’t have had better conditions with lava falling, rainbows and spatter at the summit caldera. If you’d like to get up close to active lava flows, give us a call at 808-987-4284 and book your tour today!

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It’s all about connections

Guiding tours is not just about showing visitors around and pointing out interesting sites. It’s about making connections. We connect our clients to the sites in a way that makes a lasting positive impression, but also we look to connect them to each other. Facilitating this and…

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May 05th, 2017

Amazing views of lava spatter! Over the past nine years since the March 19, 2008 eruption inside Halema’uma’u crater, there of been very few views of the Lava (Pele) itself. The most dramatic views have come within the last couple of years. After the overflow of the Overlook two years ago, it seems the lava…

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Incredible lava flows.

The short-lived rain shower provided a hissing sound that added to the unique experience of standing next to one of the planets more amazing spectacles. Come join us for an experience you’ll never forget.

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Wall collapse at Kilauea summit.

The other night we were treated to a rare experience. I was lucky to have my iPhone up to my spotting scope and caught the partial collapse of the back wall. What I did not capture was the immediate after effects which was a large debris cloud and sparks flying above the crater. I hope…

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New aerial photos of lava entry.

These incredible images of the Kamokuna lava entry show there could be some changes coming soon. The image on the left is looking towards the viewing area and the one on the right is looking down onto the lava delta. You can see cracks are forming giving us a reminder how unstable those areas can…

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Lava Hike Update

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Amazing Lava Hike!

I was lucky enough to spend the day with Doug, John, and Robert who came to the island to watch the Ironman triathlon. They also wanted to visit the active lava flow on in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. We made the drive over and the long hike out the flow from Kalapana. We’re never sure…

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