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Amazing Lava Hike!

lava hitting the ocean

I was lucky enough to spend the day with Doug, John, and Robert who came to the island to watch the Ironman triathlon. They also wanted to visit the active lava flow on in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. We made the drive over and the long hike out the flow from Kalapana. We’re never sure what to expect when we begin, but we weren’t disappointed. A skylight, a window into an underground lava flow, had opened up about 200 yards from the road. We got some great pics and could even feel the heat rising from the cracks around our feet. This was first for me and will never forget it.
Once we had our fill of the skylight we then lingered at the coast and enjoyed watching the lava flow into the sea. It’s constantly changing flows and massive steam clouds made a mesmerizing site. It was hard to walk away, but we finally had to begin the march back to the car.
We then topped off the day with a relaxing dinner at Kaleo’s in Pahoa.
Mahalo gentlemen for booking your lava hike with Kona Adventure Tours.


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