Big Island Endangered Hawaiian Birds Tour


12-hour Tour | See some of the rarest birds in the world!

Hawaiian Island birding tour:

Join us for a day of exploration in the beautiful saddle region of Hawai’i Island between two of the world’s largest volcanoes. Hawai’i is known as the endangered species capital of the world, drawing visitors from around the globe hoping for a glimpse of some of the rarest birds in the world. Enjoy a day of exploration as we visit the heart of Hawai’i Island, and pay a visit to unique locations that still teem with Hawai’i’s native birds while enjoying the natural beauty on the largest volcanoes on earth.

On this engaging Big Island tour, we visit with some of Hawai’i’s most endangered bird species, Palila and ‘Akiapōlā’au. The Pu’u La’au and Pu’u O’o areas offer nature lovers an opportunity to spend time in the remnants of native forests where the last of our amazing native bird species are found. This birding tour takes you far away from the hustle and bustle of the tourist areas, giving you a chance to see the hidden nature of Hawai’i Island and understand its delicate balance in the middle of the Pacific.

For those seeking the ultimate Hawai’i nature experience, this is a perfect compliment to our Hakalau Birdwatching & Nature Walk tour.

Each participant should bring a day-pack for hiking.

Hiking level: Moderate

Includes: Lunch, snacks, water, beverages, binoculars, and rain jackets.


  • 12-hour adventure
  • Departs at approximately 6 a.m.